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The I-Portal® neurotologic  / neuro-physiologic test platform sees disease where current tools fail. Using oculomotor, optokinetic and vestibular tests clinicians can detect and quantify balance and dizziness related pathologies, as well as conduct important mTBI and concussion research. 

I-Portal enables a more precise and sensitive measurement of eye movements generated by the brain in response to specific test stimuli – providing a non-invasive, multimodal diagnostic tool that can detect more medical conditions at lower cost.
New study shows the ability of I-Portal to track mTBI patient symptoms over time
A video for NFL Head Health Challenge II shows research in progress using I-PAS™ (I-Portal® Portable Assessment System).
The Miami Dolphins and University of Miami to use I-Portal® technology in concussion study for high school athletes.
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Objective Diagnosis of Brain Injuries

OBJECTIVE DIAGNOSIS OF BRAIN INJURIES: combat soldiers, athletes and accident victims are among the millions afflicted with life-changing brain injuries.

Our neurophysiologic test battery is being used in research applications to identify, quantify and monitor recovery from mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and concussion. Earlier diagnosis is key to more effective patient care and better outcomes.

Audiologists and Clinical Specialists

AUDIOLOGISTS & OTHER CLINICAL SPECIALISTS including otolaryngologists, neurologists & neuro-ophthalmologists use our eye-tracking equipment to test for a range of vestibular and neurological issues.

Practices can broaden their patient base and diversify revenue streams by offering comprehensive neuro-otologic diagnostic capabilities.

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I-Portal® Technology

OUR PROPRIETARY I-PORTAL® TECHNOLOGY is the basis for all of our products, offering real-time eye tracking of horizontal, vertical, torsional and pupil movements with a user friendly graphical user interface and fast generation of reports for patient documentation.

The Eye is the Portal to the Brain

THE EYE IS THE PORTAL TO THE BRAIN: the I-Portal® VOG (Video Oculography) is a fully digital, 100 Hz, 4D eye-tracking and analysis system available as a stand-alone product or with our I-Portal NOTC and I-Portal VNG systems.

Research suggests that detection of abnormal eye movements can indicate the presence of more than 200 diseases and medical conditions.

Multimodal Diagnostic Tools

NON-INVASIVE DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS: our I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) gives clinicians expanded diagnostic options -- a multimodal solution for identifying a broad range of vestibular and neurological pathologies, including BPPV, Menieres, brain injuries and more.

Vestibular and Balance
mTBI and Concussion
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