The Science to See

Neuro Kinetics, the world leader in clinical eye tracking and non-invasive neuro-functional diagnostic testing, has the Science to See™ neuro-functional biomarkers invisible to the naked eye.

Neurolign Technologies, Inc. Acquires Neuro Kinetics

Learn how I-PAS™ can be instrumental in your healthcare practice.

Clinical Solutions

Healthcare Professionals

Challenges in the clinic or on the sidelines
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Sports Organizations and Athletes

Precise, objective testing for benchmarking and post-injury
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The Science to See™

NKI’s I-Portal® multi-modal systems for neural biomarkers
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Groundbreaking discoveries in detecting and understanding concussions, vestibular disorders, new therapeutic protocols
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Find information helpful to navigating the path towards diagnosis and recovery
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Featured Products


 I-PAS™ – A Portable Solution for Insight to Injury I-PAS™ is a portable, head-mounted, neural functional assessment tool. With its integrated clinical eye tracking and digital display, it slips on and off as easily as a virtual reality headset.

I-Portal® NOTC

I-Portal® NOTC (Neurotologic Test Center)

The I-Portal®-NOTC provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art vestibular/neurotologic testing system with a comprehensive OVRT test battery that includes dynamic vestibular testing.

I-Portal® SVNG

 I-Portal® SVNG – (Video Nystagmograph) The Neuro Kinetics I-Portal®-SVNG systems provide a flexible way to add vestibular diagnostic capability to your clinic.

Our Story

For over three decades, NKI has supplied comprehensive neuro-functional diagnostic and assessment tools to neurologists, audiologists, scientists, researchers, ENT’s, neurologists and neuro-opthalmologists around the globe.

NKI History

Throughout NKI’s history it has been responsible for translating cutting edge research into clinical practice.
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The drive to discover, the talent to innovate, and the good fortune to work with many  outstanding collaborators.
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Industry News

Articles about concussions, balance disorders, brain health, and neuro-functional testing.

NKI News

Press releases, articles, and blog posts about NKI and I-Portal® systems.


A sampling of industry events, including where to find displays of NKI products and meet NKI team members.