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Whats New in I-Portal® Testing?

We have been working on many new ideas to enhance our I-Portal® battery of tests and clinical utility for our current customers.   
Most of these enhancement ideas came straight from you, our users, and we wanted to make these new innovations available to all of our users.  Please contact our sales department ( if you would like further information and/or a quotation.

Here’s what’s new:

  • VEST7.5.x Software Including I-Portal® 5.x Module – The newly released version of VEST is available to our premium software and service agreement customers.  It can also be purchased separately by current users that are not covered under an agreement or as an upgrade by our basic agreement customers. Enchancements include:

    • Automatic blink detection provides for fast and easy analysis;
    • New saccade analysis feature where any saccade clicked on by the test reviewer in the results and zoom graphs is automatically displayed, facilitating quick and efficient evaluations.
    • New patient search function built into the VEST patient interface. Allows test reviewers to quickly and efficiently search for and locate patients and preview test sessions. The new search interface also provides summary windows that provide a snap shot of patient analysis with pre and post-test comments and a quick view on any reports that exist for the patient.
    • Improved eye display options now provide the clinician with the option to switch between how the patient’s eyes are displayed on screen.
    • New “Graph Tools” pallet displays all tools on screen simultaneously, including three new tools: 1) full screen graph view and quick area select 2) Delete and 3) Undelete tools;
    • Downlead Release Notes here.
  • crHIT Test - The controlled rotation Head Impulse Test is a high acceleration rotary test performed to examine the high-frequency properties of the peripheral vestibular system.  The seated patient will experience rotations with short, high acceleration intervals (50 to 80 ms) inside an isolated testing environment. 

    The NOTC based Head Impulse Test is the only computerized head impulse/ thrust test available for clinical testing.  This objective and repeatable test holds several advantages over the more traditional manual methods including:
    • Isolated testing environment removes visual cues, providing a pure VOR stimulus.
    • Controlled head movement eliminates inconsistencies introduced by manual head thrust testing. 
    • Allows for head thrusts at randomized timing intervals and direction which improves the sensitivity of the test.
  • I-Portal Falcon! - The I-Portal® Falcon has a few formats for clinical data collection. In addition to lighter weight and improved IPD, the falcon still operates at 100 Hz for collecting all horizontal, vertical, and pupil area. The Falcon also includes and upgrade option to high speed data collection. The high speed upgrade collects all horizontal, vertical, and pupil area data at 250 Hz, and torsional data at 125 Hz, and with a few clicks, can collect horzontal and pupil data at up to 500Hz. The eye tracker is a plug and play upgrade for existing VNG’s. For an NOTC, an installed system can be converted by a qualified NKI technician. The minimum software versions required are VEST 7.5.2 and I-Portal 5.0.

    • 250 frames per second acquisition.
    • 10% lighter than the VOG-B100.
    • Market leading eye image and resolution.
    • Utilizes NKI’s eye tracking region of interest patent.
    • Broad IPD range.