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VEST 7.0 Software

Video recording and playback with frame by frame control now available for NOTC tests.

VEST 7.0 Software

New report selection matrix makes it easy to print a summary or select test grouping.

VEST 7.5 Software

New blink detection provides for fast and easy analysis.


VEST™ Software Suite

VEST™ neuro-otologic analysis software offers a visual and easy to use interface.  All NOTC and VNG tests are built into one software platform, eliminating the need to learn multiple software packages.

  • Clinical utility with research level power to create protocols and custom tests;
  • Clinical speed and ease of use for quick patient evaluation and accurate analysis;
  • Real time binocular data and stimulus feedback including video image with no lag time;
  • Real-time analysis provides for more efficient data interpretation.  Clinicians can use the Analysis Manager utility to save analysis filter settings and redefine the default settings.
  • Easy to understand data reporting for patient files;
  • Separate examiner and administration privileges with password protection.

Update - VEST™ Software Version 7.5.x

  • Automatic blink detection provides for fast and easy analysis;
  • New saccade analysis feature where any saccade clicked on by the test reviewer in the results and zoom graphs is automatically displayed, facilitating quick and efficient evaluations.
  • New patient search function built into the VEST patient interface. Allows test reviewers to quickly and efficiently search for and locate patients and preview test sessions. The new search interface also provides summary windows that provide a snap shot of patient analysis with pre and post-test comments and a quick view on any reports that exist for the patient.
  • Improved eye display options now provide the clinician with the option to switch between how the patient’s eyes are displayed on screen.
  • New “Graph Tools” pallet displays all tools on screen simultaneously, including three new tools: 1) full screen graph view and quick area select 2) Delete and 3) Undelete tools;
  • Download Release Notes here.

Update - VEST™ Software Version 7.1

  • Includes updated I-Portal® 3.0 Eye Tracking Module featuring improved performance of pupil detection and torsion algorithms with torsion now running at 100 hz.
  • Platform using single PC with Windows® 7 provides the increased performance and efficiency of the new 64-bit operating system;
  • New report structure and selection matrix provides an intuitive and enhanced user interface to streamline patient report documentation;
  • Video saving and playback now added for NOTC tests with enhanced video compression allowing 10x smaller files;
  • Download Information Sheet here.
  • Download Release Notes here.

Update - VEST? Software Version 6.10

  • Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation with SVV test enhanced so user can collect multiple (two to four) SVV data points during each eccentric position;
  • Improved user interfaces including OKN test analysis tables and analysis simulation playback of eye movement;
  • Now includes built in functionality to add on new utilities. The first available utility, VEST™ ADATA, is now available for purchase. ADATA facilitates the statistical analysis of large volumes of patient data, and streamlines the analysis required for a paper or presentation.

Update – New VEST™ Versions 6.8 and 6.9

  • New acceleration-based beat detection provides improved ability to discern the fast and slow phases of each nystagmus beat;
  • Simplified means to set and load default filter settings;
  • Enhanced Smooth Pursuit analysis includes percent saccade (step) calculation and analysis in both position and velocity modes;
  • Improved graphical interface for Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) and Horizontal (SVH) tests;
  • Enhanced analysis for Chair Trapezoid Rotation test (also know as step test) includes drag and drop cursors to define the beginning and end of valid eye data;
  • Analysis for Spontaneous Nystagmus and Gaze now includes vertical and torsional eye tracing analysis;
  • New Saccade analysis allows clinicians to easily remove individual saccades.

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