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Why Choose the Neuro Kinetics I-Portal® NOTC?

Build trust and credibility with your patients and referring physicians by providing a comprehensive neuro-otologic assessment and finding answers the first time.

The bottom line is the same for any practice – providing superior care to ensure positive patient outcomes.  Generate growth and earn new referrals by pushing the standard of care in your market and positioning yourself as a leader in vestibular diagnostics.

Efficient management of the dizzy patient

  • Comprehensive patient evaluation in 40 minutes minimizes wasted time and visits, providing better data to reach a fast and accurate diagnosis;
  • Objective results end the patient’s waiting game and allow prompt treatment;
  • Flexible protocols permit test battery optimization to meet your unique testing needs;
  • Test repeatability enables you to track improvement to monitor rehabilitation.

Clinically superior tests

  • Real motion tests provide a better performance indicator than caloric motion simulations which have too low a frequency to replicate regular head movement;
  • Greater data integrity than the VNG/ENG test battery which can introduce mini-saccades through light bars (not a representation of true smooth pursuit) and does not always provide full field optokinetics (near 80% of visual field must be filled by target for true OPK nystagmus);
  • Reduced operator variability commonly seen in VNG/ENG and VAT testing;
  • Provides validation for important bed side tests by collecting objective measures;
  • Testing artifacts minimized in isolated testing enclosure.

Test a greater range of patients

  • Robust eye tracking algorithms hold an eye lock in the most demanding conditions including droopy eye lids, prominent eye lashes, and heavy makeup;
  • High torque, direct drive rotary motor provides ability to test patients up to 400 lbs.

Proven business model

  • Direct revenue through 7 CPT codes allows for fast system payoff;
  • Leasing options provide potential positive cash flow in the first year;
  • Significant ancillary revenue opportunities through patient exams and referrals to other practice areas.

Room to grow with advances in testing

  • Currently used in research applications to detect mTBI and to monitor recovery from head trauma.  Early data suggests I-Portal® tests can detect abnormalities resulting from both blunt and blast force trauma even when structural imaging technologies show no damage;
  • Provides unilateral otolith and torsional data, increasing available information for diagnosis and the chance for  a positive patient outcome;
  • NKI is the leader in integrating new technology.  Our relationships with clinical researchers allow us to deliver unique tests not available anywhere else including OVAR, and computerized Head Thrust.

Superior customer support

  • Highly regarded service department provides same day system troubleshooting; 
  • Multiple training options available including on-site and web based programs.