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LITERATURE: Product and Services

  • Test Battery by I-Portal® Platform   Download PDF
  • I-PAS™ (I-Portal®  Portable Assessment System) Download PDF
  • I-Portal® NOTC (Neurotologic Testing Center)
  • I-Portal® SVNG/VNG (Video Nystagmograph)
  • I-Portal® and VEST™ Software
  • Software & Services Plans – Visit the Support page for a brief summary
  • Tools for Research


    • I-Portal® & VEST™ Research Control Module   Download PDF

To learn more about systems and solutions for your clinical and research needs, please visit the Products page.

Coming soon online: Additional information for registered customers. Until then, Contact Us for requests such as:

  • Product Manuals – Everything you need to know about product configuration and operation of your I-Portal® system.
  • Quick Start Guide for I-PAS™
  • Tips and FAQ’s
Software and Support Services

NKI offers services such as:

  • Preventive maintenance and calibration of I-Portal® systems
  • Upgrades to hardware and software
  • Repairs, supplies, and replacement parts, including a loaner program to keep your clinic running smoothly

Whether you need our services on the fly, or are covered under one of our Software & Services plans, please Contact Us  to let us know how we can help you realize the most from your I-Portal® systems. To learn more about Software & Service plans, visit the Products page.

Education & Training

Whether you want a simple, one-on-one refresher on mechanical aspects or software, or desire a deeper clinical training experience on the use of your I-Portal® systems for a group, NKI offers a range of educational and training options to meet your needs.

Choose among our standard training sessions or else ask us tailor a syllabus that fits your unique requirements. We’ll come to you, meet you online or by telephone, and also welcome you to our Pittsburgh, PA headquarters.

Please Contact Us for information and pricing.