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A random sampling of articles, backgrounders and blog posts about Neuro Kinetics, balance testing, brain functioning and much more. Got a link to submit for posting here? Please send it to us at  And be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

October 2017: Upon considering newly released research that shows mounting evidence that girls are slower than boys to heal from concussions, medical experts hypothesize why in an article in Scientific American. The retrospective study, led by Dr. John Neidecker, Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina, analyzed medical records of 212 middle and high school athletes with first-time concussions. The study relied on students' self-reporting for baseline data. Researcher Mayumi Prins,Ph.D., UCLA, says what is ultimately needed is an objective test to determine whether an individual has a concussion.

September 2017: What do Dallas Marvericks owner and Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and Bruce Salvador, a Stanley Cup Finalist, have in common? They both experienced symptoms that led to medical tests using precision eye tracking systems produced by NKI. Watch Salvador talk about his concussion and Cuban his dizziness.

August 2017: The Miami Dolphins are collaborating with University of Miami Health System doctors to use Neuro Kinetics' I-Portal® platform in a program to study concussions in high school athletes. Read

July 2017: University of Miami Health System doctors hightlight the use of Neuro Kinetics' I-Portal® platform for professional athletes and school students with concussions and, separately, for medicinal canniboid studies related to alleviating the symptoms of concussions. Read

November 2016: NKI announces an important concussion detection study. The study illustrates the potential clinical utility of an integrated, multi-modal battery of OVRT tests. The paper, titled “Oculomotor, Vestibular, and Reaction Time Tests in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” is available on PLOS One. Read

January 2016: The Difficult Task of Diagnosing Concussions with a Machine
NPR report on NKI's ongoing clinical trials for its I-Portal® PAS device Read/Listen

November 2015: Update on Head Head Challenge Team
Highlights research and progress with collaborative group including Neuro Kinetics, Inc., NFL, GE, Under Armour, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and University of Pittsburgh. Read.

November 2014: Under Armour, NFL & GE Announce Seven Winners Of Head Health Challenge II
Neuro Kinetics and its partners to receive up to $8.5M to accelerate brain injury research. Read. Watch Video.

November 2014: Head Health Challenge II
NFL grant enables University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, & Neuro Kinetics to study new diagnostic device for early & accurate detection of concussions. Read.

November 2014: Neuro Kinetics to Share $500K Research Award
The National Football League has awarded a $500,000 grant to O'Hara Township-based Neuro Kinetics Inc. and two universities to test the effectiveness of the company's concussion detection device studies. Read.

November 2014: NFL Grant Enables University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh & Neuro Kinetics to Study New Diagnostic Device for Early & Accurate Detection of Concussions
The collaborative work of Drs. Hoffer and Balaban, with Neuro Kinetics, aims to accelerate the development of NKI's I-Portal® PAS as the portable diagnostic device has show great promise in accurately assessing mTBI. Read.

June 2014: Getting a Heads-up on Concussions
Neuro Kinetics' I-Portal® tool showing great utility in ongoing concussion research studies. Read.

April 2014: Key to Maintaining Balance is Just to Keep on Moving
Profile of a Pittsburgh resident with a balance disorder and her progress in balance therapy. Read.

October 2013: Pittsburgh Technology Council 2013 Tech 50 Awards
Neuro Kinetics selected as a finalist for Pittsburgh Technology Council 2013 Tech 50 Awards. Read.

August 2013: All Eyes on Neuro Kinetics
There is no medically-accepted way to conclusively diagnose a concussion, but Neuro Kinetics Inc., an O'Hara company that has developed technology to precisely measure eye movement, thinks it is close to one. Read.

April 2013: Techvibe Radio
TechVibe Radio's "In the Pocket" segment features Steeler QB Charlie Batch and Pittsburgh Technology Council CEO Audrey Russo interviewing Howison Schroeder of Neuro Kinetics. Watch.

January 2013: Medicare Fees and Therapy Cap Exceptions Process Addressed In Fiscal Cliff Legislation
Congress averted cuts to the Medicare fee schedule and extended the therapy caps exceptions process through December 31, 2013, as part of the fiscal cliff legislation (H.R. 8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012) passed by the House of Representatives. Read.

Oct 2012: Neuro Kinetics Receives Rapid Innovation Fund Contract from Department of Defense
The award will allow the O’Hara-based company to develop clinical testing protocols for earlier and more accurate diagnosis of brain injuries using its eye movement tracking technology for battlefield testing. Read.

July 2012: Auditory, Vestibular and Cognitive Effects due to Repeated Blast Exposure on the Warfighter
This study explored auditory, vestibular and cognitive effects on the warfighter of blast-induded traumatic brain injury and found specific tests of a test battery using currenlty available clinical equipment to be more senstive to the differences in effects than others. Read.

May 2012: Revealing Brain Damage from the Battle Field to the Playing Field
Because mild and moderate brain injuries do not show up on CT or other imaging, doctors and even family members are often skeptical that any real damage exists. Read.

Oct 2011: Newport Mesa Audiology Announces Advanced Medical Program to Treat Children Who Suffer From Vestibular Disorders
Leading institute announces a pedatric vestibular rehabilitation program that uses advanced medical technology, including Neuro Kinetics’ I-Portal® NOTC, to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat the growing numbers of children who have symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and balance problems, which may delay child development. Read

Mar 2011: Vestibular and Oculomotor Abmormalities in Blast Related mTBI
Prospectice study by tertiary care facility within the Department of Defense Medical Center included 24 service members recovering from blast-related TBI sustained in Iraq or Afghanistan. Read

Mar 2011: Research Grant for Concussion Diagnosis
NKI receives two-part grant under recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to further ongoing clinical studies to collect data for the objective diagnosis of sports concussions. Read

Dec 2010: About Rotational Chair Testing
Read Dr. Jack King's latest blog post on the advantages of rotary chair testing over other vestibular tests. Read

Dec 2010: Vestibular Diagnosis: A Wake Up Call
The changing demographics of our patient population over the next several years will drive an increasing need for vestibular services. Read

Sept 2010: Vestibular Education: A Balancing Act
Teaching students to be competent in the evaluation and management of patients with balance disorders is a challenge. Read

July 2010: Marketing Communication: A Process, Not a Project
A good marcom plan is one of the best ways to position a new balance practice for success. Read

July 2010: Dr. Dizzy's Chair Can Set You Straight
A three-year-old boy may be playing “space commander” as he is tested on Neuro Kinetics’ I-Portal® NOTC,  but the sessions on the rotational chair system have been key to diagnosing a peripheral vestibular dysfunction and now treatment to improve the child’s balance. Pioneering audiologist (and part-time actor) Dr. Howard Mango and his clinical practice, based in Orange County, CA, are profiled in his local newspaper. Read

June 2010: TBI Care High Priority for Walter Reed Staff
As the first in the Army to screen all those returning for TBI, Walter Reed uses technology, including the I-Portal® NOTC battery of tests, medical experts, research and collaboration with other facilities to ensure the best post-deployment health care. Read

June 2010: Congress Reverses Medicare Cut
The House voted Thursday to reverse a 21% cut in government fees paid to doctors who treat Medicare patients. The vote retroactively rescinds the June 1 cut for six months and adds a 2.2% increase in doctors' rates. Read

June 2010: Neuro Kinetics Profile on Pop City
Local e-magazine profiles Neuro Kinetics. Read

May 2010: Vestibular Testing: Time for New CPT Codes and Consistancy
J. Douglas Green Jr, MD, FACS, founder of the Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute (, discusses “vexing” Medicare and private insurer reimbursement issues impacting his practice. Read

March 2010: Vestibular Testing: Where We Are, What's Ahead
Outline of testing available, now and in the future, to audiologists and others. Read

March 2010:  I-Portal® NOTC Evaluation in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
A white paper prepared by Neuro Kinetics Chief Technology Officer Alex Kiderman and researchers.

February 2010:  Serious Business to This Vertigo Fun Ride
A British newspaper reporter takes a spin on our I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) system’s rotational chair.  Read

January 2010: Neuro Kinetics Is “Company to Watch”
A leading defense industry journal heralds our research on brain injuries afflicting U.S. soldiers. Read

January 2010:  Dynamic Visual Vestibular Acuity Testing Protocol
Patent filing for new testing protocol using Neuro Kinetics device. Read

January 2010:  Vestibular Testing Terminology
Dr. Jorge E. González, PhD, CCC-A, audiologist and educator, discusses terminology associated with vestibular assessments. Read

December 2009:  What Are Vestibular Disorders?
The British Columbia Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society has an overview of vestibular disorders. Read

April 2009:   NKI System Detects Up To 200 Diseases Through Abnormal Eye Movements
A local e-newspaper in our hometown (Pittsburgh) examines how we can look “through the eyes of its patients and into a whole new world of diagnostics.”  Read

October 2009:  Vestibular Testing: The Future Is In the Balance
The National Institutes of Health’s Christopher Zalewski urges audiologists to “broaden our expertise and embrace an assessment beyond the traditional ENG/VNG.” Read

September 2009:  Spinning, Swinging Roto-Tilt Chair Helps in Study of Balance, Inner Ear
A professor at the University of Alabama, with our help, designs a “roto-tilt chair.” Read


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