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Will Expand Scope of Tests & Analysis for Higher Quality Patient Care

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA (October 1, 2009)
 – Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) ( , manufacturers of noninvasive medical evaluation equipment used worldwide to test for vestibular and neurological dysfunctions, said today that it will preview its soon-to-be released version 6.8 of its VEST™ control and analysis software at next week’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology in San Diego (

Otolaryngologists use NKI’s I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) system and other NKI equipment to conduct various vestibular, oculo/ocular-motor and optokinetic tests to assess balance and central and peripheral neurologic functions.

“We have embarked on a strategy of expanding the clinical efficiency and utility for our products. To accomplish that goal, we are making ongoing improvements to our VEST software platform,” said Dr. Alex Kiderman, NKI chief technology officer. “Otolaryngologists, and the other clinicians we support, rely on our equipment to perform tests that are accurate, reliable and efficient. As we continue to improve VEST, we give clinicians the opportunity to do more efficient and reliable testing of their patients.”

VEST 6.8, expected to be available in late 2009, will give clinicians the ability to enhance specific tests, including:

  • The Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation Test – clinicians will be able to collect multiple Subjective Visual Vertical line reading at each position to improve statistical accuracy of the test
  • Various nystagmus detection tests will have updated algorithms to generate improved results and analysis
  • Smooth Pursuit analysis – clinicians will be able to analyze results based on eye position as well as velocity

The pending VEST 6.8 enhancements come on top of NKI’s numerous recently completed upgrades to its software, including:

  • Improved ease of use through:
    • Automatic saving of patient analysis settings and filters
    • The ability to define unique analysis default settings
    • A range of new features enhancing the use of binocular eye recording, including individual saccade analysis, video play back (video nystagmography only) and torsional analysis
    • A new interactive on-screen pedal menu that helps I-Portal® VNG (video nystagmography) users more readily proceed through their testing protocol while never leaving the patient’s side
  • VEST users can customize their normative data values to better match their patient population
  • A more robust communication protocol makes more efficient use of computer resources and greatly reduces dependency on data interpolation
  • New optimized and patent-pending technology that gives users the ability to perform secondary or “corrective” saccade analysis

Utilizing National Instruments technology, VEST includes reporting features for reimbursable tests, built-in analytical tools and normative data for comparative analysis.

For more information about VEST or any other NKI product or service, please call the company in the U.S. +1.412.963.6649 or via e-mail to


Neuro Kinetics, Inc. ( is a fast-growing manufacturer of noninvasive medical test equipment used worldwide by audiologists, neurologists, neuro-otologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and other medical specialists in the detection and evaluation of neurological, otological and vestibular disorders. The privately owned company, originating in the 1970s, pioneered the development of vestibular and neuro-otologic testing equipment, including the renowned Barany (rotational) chair. The company's patented products include the I-Portal® NOTC system (Neuro-Otologic Test Center), I-Portal® VNG (Video Nystagmography) system and I-Portal® VOG (Video Oculography) system, along with related accessories, software, training and support services. Users include doctors and researchers in universities and government facilities as well as specialists in fields such as audiology, neurology, neuro-otology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology.


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