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Co-Authors to Present Two Scholarly Papers on Research Related to Canal & Utricular Functions & Smooth Pursuit Testing

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA (August 10, 2010) – Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) (, manufacturers of noninvasive medical diagnostic equipment used worldwide to test for vestibular and neurological conditions, said today that two co-authored research studies are to be presented at the upcoming Bárány Society meeting this month in Reykjavik, Iceland (

Dr. Alex Kiderman, NKI’s chief technology officer, and Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, an assistant professor in the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology at Bloomsburg University, will present papers on ocular counter roll and horizontal nystagmus patterns in trapezoidal eccentric rotation as indicators of canal and utricular function and on the development of a normative percentage of saccadation during smooth pursuit testing.

Both studies were conducted utilizing NKI’s I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) system.

Since its launch in the mid 1980s, NKI has pioneered the development of the renowned Bárány (rotational) chair to test for vestibular and neurological issues. The company’s equipment and related software generate precise motion, ocular motor, and optokinetic stimuli in conjunction with highly accurate measurement of the eye’s horizontal, vertical, pupil and torsional responses or reflexive reactions to the stimuli.  The precision of the testing and accuracy of results help clinicians develop more timely and accurate diagnosis. 

An increasing number of medical specialists recognize that the ‘eye is the portal to the brain’ and that abnormal responses of the eye can be the first indication of more than 200 specific diseases and conditions.

“We are honored that two of Alex’s and Jorge’s papers have been accepted for presentation at the prestigious Bárány conference in Iceland,” said J. Howison Schroeder, NKI president and CEO. “As we work to expand the clinical utility of our equipment and services, giving more clinicians a wider range of diagnostic tools, acceptance of the research by the Bárány Society is a proud accomplishment for all of us at Neuro Kinetics.”

NKI currently is involved in a number of research projects to gauge the effectiveness of its equipment in diagnosing brains injuries and diabetic retinopathy, among other conditions.

Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) is the world leader in eye tracking technology and non-invasive neuro-otologic diagnostic testing.  

Central to its product mix and technological advances is the premise that the eye is the portal to the brain.  Research has shown the detection of abnormal eye reflexes can indicate the presence of over 200 diseases and medical conditions. 

For more than 25 years, NKI has supplied comprehensive neuro-otologic diagnostic tools to audiologists, ENT’s, neuro-otologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists around the globe.  The company's patented products include the I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center), I-Portal® VNG (Video Nystagmography) and I-Portal® VOG (Video Oculography), along with related accessories, software, training and support services.


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