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Enhanced Saccade Tests & New Interactive Control Pedal Among Improvements

Doctors to “Take A Spin” on Renowned Barany Chair

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA (September 18, 2008) – Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) (, manufacturers of non-invasive medical diagnostic equipment used worldwide for neurologic, otologic and vestibular disorder evaluation, said today that it will showcase enhancements to its I-Portal-VNG (Video Nystagmography) system at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgeons (AAO-HNS) in Chicago next week (

Neuro Kinetics also said it is inviting thousands of attending clinicians to take a ride (“spin”) in the company’s world-renowned I-Portal-NOTC (Neuro Otologic Test Center), which will be set up in exhibit booth #1058.

The I-Portal-NOTC incorporates all ocular motor tests, as well as other motion and ocular tests that utilize a Barany (rotational) chair to evaluate the vestibular system. The system features a smooth, patented motor design, advanced analytics in its VEST™ software and the company’s patent-pending, high-speed
I-Portal-VOG (Video Oculography) system.

Otolaryngologists and other medical specialists (including neurologists, neuro-otologists, audiologists and ophthalmologists) use Neuro Kinetics’ devices to conduct and analyze neurologic, otologic and vestibular conditions in order to improve diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

A patent-pending improvement in the saccade test available only with the
I-Portal-VNG system is among the battery of tests to be demonstrated at
next week’s AAO-HNS conference.

Said Dr. Terri Ives, an audiologist and NKI’s director of clinical audiology, “With improvements to our saccade test, clinicians can now include up to 100 random or fixed saccades to increase statistical power of their results quickly. An additional, exciting change to the saccades test is the new analysis that evaluates not only the main or first corrective saccade but also additional secondary or micro corrective saccades. The identification and quantification of conditions affecting the saccadic system are straightforward and far advanced when compared to any other VNG product. The result is more accurate data facilitating superior diagnosis and, hence, more effective treatment of a wide range of possible health issues, including many stemming from the central nervous system.”

Another enhancement to NKI’s I-Portal-VNG system to be featured at next week’s AAO-HNS conference is the new interactive pedal control now standard on the I-Portal-VNG system. The new control option gives users the ability to easily conduct tests. That, in turn, can help clinicians increase the number of patients that can be quickly tested in their offices.

“We’ve improved the technological and clinical value of our I-Portal-VNG product and made the software much easier to use,” Ives said. “And we’re looking forward to showcasing our work in Chicago next week.”


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