APRIL 2007
Profile of a NOTC Clinical User


Dr. Douglas Green: “Quality pays.”

For Dr. J. Douglas Green, a neuro-otologist based in Jacksonville, Florida, the governing philosophy for his practice has been to “put quality first, and business success will follow.”

The game plan must be working. Green is the founder and proprietor of a thriving clinic, The Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute (http://www.jhbi.org), that offers otology and neurotology services and earlier this year moved into a new 100,000-square foot facility.

The Institute also recently purchased Neuro Kinetics’ Neuro-Otologic Test Center (NOTC), incorporating the world-renowned Barany (rotary) chair system, the I-Portal® 4D Eye Tracking System and the VEST™ 6.0 operating software. The NOTC gives clinicians a state-of-the-art, complete vestibular/neuro-otologic testing capability for a broad range of patient measurements. It produces precise and timely test results facilitating a clinician’s quick and accurate diagnosis.

The Jacksonville Institute expects to complete about 500 balance tests a year.

“We see a widely diverse patient community with balance and vertigo issues, from football players to the elderly. As our patient base has grown in recent years, and as neuro-otology increasingly has recognized that balance testing is an important option for non-invasive, patient-friendly diagnosis across a host of medical issues, we saw the need to improve our own in-house testing capabilities,” Green said.

The new The Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute

After a strong recommendation from a colleague at a professional conference, Green contacted Neuro Kinetics.

“I was impressed by their commitment to quality,” Green said. “This is a technology-rich field. I wanted to work with a supplier that was harnessing the latest developments.”

“When I looked at the NOTC system, I was intrigued with the precision of the measurements, along with the motor capabilities and the quality of the eye imaging and tracking. I liked the fact that we could benchmark tests against objective data. That gave me confidence in the system,” Green said. “We could see that Neuro Kinetics’ NOTC would allow us to develop the right protocols for the right patients.”

Green has been pleased with the decision. “Diagnosis and treatment are only as good as the test data. We’re delivering a higher quality and wider range of care now, and that’s crucial to our mission.

Our world-renown Barany chair, part of our Neuro-Otologic Test Center (NOTC)

“It’s all about enhancing patient care,” he added.

Green comes by his commitment to ever-improving service to patients through what he calls his “academic orientation” to clinical work.

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the 48-year-old Green received his medical degree at the University of Oklahoma. He undertook his internship in general surgery, his residency in otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat specialty) and earned his master's degree in biomedical sciences at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota.

A fellowship in otology/neuro-otology at the prestigious House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles followed.

In 1991, Green accepted a position at the Mayo Clinic’s Jacksonville facility, and then in 1997 founded the Institute. He has published numerous articles in medical journals and authored clinical book chapters. He also has lectured nationally and internationally on his specialty. Green is involved in several professional associations, including the Clinical Otologic Research Team and the Christian Society of Otolaryngology.

He and his wife Kelley have three sons.

“Apart from my family, building the Institute has been the greatest thrill of my life. And I’ve learned one great lesson along the way: quality pays in the end.”

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