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Neuro Kinetics, Inc. offers a portfolio of products and supporting services to help clinical medical professionals diagnose a wide range of diseases and conditions, and to assist researchers across a wide spectrum of academic and health pursuits, to further their investigative work.

Our proprietary operating and analysis software, VEST™, serves as a single platform for all Neuro Kinetics products and incorporates a complete battery of reimbursable tests with easy to read graphical analysis.

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The I-Portal® NOTC provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art, complete vestibular/neuro-otologic testing system solution that allows for greater confidence in diagnosis, the ability to test a broader range of patients, and fast return on investment.

The I-Portal® NOTC includes a Rotary Chair (up to 3 axes), full field Optokinetic stimulus, Pursuit Tracker® laser target generator, isolation enclosure with patient monitoring and communication, and a digital eye tracking system.

The easy-to-use VEST™ operating and analysis software features unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, providing the ability to quickly create new testing protocols and streamline testing with minimal setup time.

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The Neuro Kinetics I-Portal® VNG provides the quickest and most inexpensive way to add vestibular diagnostic capability to your clinic.  Using the same full field OKN and Pursuit Tracker® laser diode technology as our Neuro-Otologic Test Center, the I-Portal® VNG also features NKI's patented, I-Portal® eye tracking goggles.  The system is controlled by the VEST™ platform and provides real time binocular eye data and stimulus feedback.

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The I-Portal® VOG is a fully digital, 100Hz, 4D eye tracking system. The patented, lightweight goggle set is included with both the I-Portal® NOTC and cart based I-Portal® VNG systems.  The system is also offered as a stand-alone product (SVNG-3) that includes the ability to complete all positional and positioning tests, Calorics and custom tests, with real time binocular eye data.

Update: 250Hz eye tracking system now available. The high speed VOG-B250 collects horizontal, vertical, and pupil area data at 250 Hz, and torsional data at 125 Hz. The eye tracker is a plug and play upgrade for existing VNG’s. For an NOTC, an installed system can be converted by a qualified NKI technician. The minimum software versions required are VEST 7.5.2 and I-Portal 5.0.

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Neuro Kinetics offers a full suite of Software and Service Plans to ensure the operating efficiency of your testing investment.  We understand the challenges of running a clinic and the need to have all equipment running at peak efficiency with minimal down time.  Our plans cover both the hardware components and a VEST™ software subscription providing new software updates and releases, as well as an annual preventative maintenance visit including system calibration.



While NKI’s primary business is supporting the clinical market, we also offer an array of custom test equipment for research use. Standard packages include our high torque rate table, small animal rotator, and linear sled. Whatever your custom need may be - we have a solution. Contact NKI for more information.



The I-Portal® VEST™ Research Control Module is a separate software library that allows the researchers to have discrete access to the various motors that execute the stimulus profiles outside of NKI’s FDA-cleared VEST™ software, while still being able to collect data from both I-Portal and the stimulus components.

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