Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) offers a portfolio of products and services for clinical medical professionals  responsible for diagnosing and treating vestibular and neurotologic patients. I-Portal® products are  engineered to measure neural functions and symptoms associated with an extensive array of diseases and conditions using a battery of OVRT (oculomotor, vestibular and reaction time) tests. Medical professionals have relied on these tests for decades to identify and measure symptomology as they consider treatment and return-to-play decisions, but without the precision achieved with technology.

Read on to explore key I-Portal products and innovations that are changing the way medicine is practiced, or contact us for details or research interests.

I-PAS™ (I-Portal® Portable Assessment System)
for Neuro-Functional Assessments

I-PAS™ is a portable, head-mounted, neural functional assessment tool. With its integrated clinical eye tracking and digital display, it slips on and off as easily as a virtual reality headset. The FDA has cleared (K171884) fourteen tests and an unmatched list of variables for clinical use on I-PAS. No other product offers a more extensive battery of tests in such a compact, portable system.

Physical therapists, chiropractors, sports organizations, and athletes may find optional baseline testing useful as they anticipate addressing injuries such as concussions.

I-PAS Clinical Test Battery

Tests cleared by the U.S. FDA include:

  • Spontaneous Nystagmus
  • Gaze Nystagmus (Horizontal &Vertical)
  • Smooth Pursuit (Horizontal &Vertical)
  • Random Saccades (Horizontal &Vertical)
  • Optokinetic, Full field (OKN)
  • Subjective Visual (Horizontal &Vertical)
  • Custom Test (for unstructured data collection)
  • Caloric
  • Positioning
  • Positional
  • Over a dozen tests and more than 90 variables in a compact, efficient system
  • Plug in or take the laptop bedside
  • Integral stimulus display in a lightweight VNG
  • Simulated, full field 2-D and 3-D visual stimulus
  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical and patented pupillometry measurements
  • On-board 3 degree of freedom motion sensor
  • Separate, synchronized left and right eye stimulus and measurements
  • Reduces the need for precious clinic space for equipment and testing
  • Complete test documentation for patient records and insurance submissions
  • Uses the same I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software common to all I-Portal products
System Components
  • Binocular 4D Video Oculography with dual USB-3 cameras, 100+ Hz, with integral digital display, and  interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm covering 95% of US adult population.
  • High speed laptop computer with I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software
  • Optional foot pedal for hands-free operation

Watch a short video on how others are using I-PAS for patients with suspected concussion or mTBI.

I-Portal® NOTC (Neurotologic Test Center)

The I-Portal®-NOTC provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art vestibular/neurotologic testing system with a comprehensive OVRT test battery that includes dynamic vestibular testing. With twenty twenty tests cleared by the U.S. FDA, it enables the most comprehensive set of tests for vestibular and neurotologic diagnosis. All I-Portal NOTC models include: rotational chair assembly, Pursuit Tracker™ oculomotor stimuli, and NKI’s most advanced, precise, lightweight I-Portal® Falcon™ VOG binocular, USB-3 VOG (video oculography), all within a light tight enclosure to eliminate/ minimize distractions during testing.

The easy-to-use VEST™ operating and analysis software features unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, providing the ability to quickly create new testing protocols, streamline testing, and minimize setup time.

  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupilometry measurements
  • Upgrade options for high speed eye-tracking and additional tests
  • True full field OKN stimuli; True smooth pursuit
  • All models can test 400 pound patients at frequencies up to 1.2 Hz and some greater
  • The only whole body head impulse test (crHIT) at 1,000 deg/sec squared rotational acceleration
  • Direct drive servo motors allow for precision motion profiles with minimal vibration
  • Extended three-year hardware warranty for all models
System Components
  • Rotation Chair profiles (up to 3 axes)
  • I-Portal® Falcon VOGI-Portal® Falcon VOG, 100 Hz and higher, with USB-3 cameras that works on smaller faces (interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm covers 99% of the US population age 5 and older).
  • Full field OKN stimulus
  • Dual axis Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator
  • Isolation enclosure with patient monitoring and communication
  • High speed computer with I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software
  • Unmatched safety features

I-Portal® SVNG-2 (Video Nystagmograph)

The I-Portal® SVNG-2 provides a quick and efficient way to add real world (versus the compact virtual world of the I-PAS™) vestibular/ OVRT diagnostic capability to your clinic. The SVNG-2 uses the same I-Portal Falcon VOG as the I-Portal NOTC and the I-Portal SVNG-3, and spares you from the large commitment of space and funds a rotary chair system requires. The SVNG-2 uses the same full field OKN and Pursuit Tracker® laser diode technology as the I-Portal NOTC. These, and other components, are mounted on a medical grade cart for greater mobility when needed, such as when transitioning between suites to conduct caloric, positional and positioning tests.

  • Fourteen (14) FDA-cleared tests using a single I-Portal system
  • Integrated fixation light makes caloric fixation simple and lightweight (U.S. Patent 7,753,523)
  • Protocols and tests easily customized to fit clinic needs
  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupilometry measurements
  • Unparalleled eye torsion data to document positioning test results
  • Upgrade options for high speed imaging and additional tests
  • True full field OKN stimuli; True smooth pursuit
  • Triple action foot pedal for optional hands-free operation
System Components
  • I-Portal® Falcon VOG, 100 Hz and higher, with USB-3 cameras. Works on smaller faces (interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm covers 99% of the US population age 5 and older).
  • Full field Optokinetic stimulus
  • Dual Axis Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator
  • Medical grade cart
  • High speed computer with I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software
  • Blackout cover with integrated calibration laser and fixation light

I-Portal® SVNG-3

The I-Portal® SVNG-3 is made up of the patented, lightweight I-Portal® Falcon VOG, a computer, and NKI’s proprietary I-Portal and VEST™ software applications. The SVNG-3 can serve as a video frenzel and provide users with the ability to conduct an abbreviated test battery using VEST™ software yet with limited capital investment. Tests include: spontaneous nystagmus, positional, positioning/Dix Hallpike – 4 positions plus custom, caloric, and custom test for collecting unstructured data. The SVNG-3 includes the same I-Portal eye tracking and pupillometry accuracy, patient comfort, operator ease of use, but more system portability in an affordable solution for clinicians with limited needs for oculomotor and vestibular testing.

  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and patented pupilometry measurements
  • Unparalleled eye torsion data for positioning tests
  • Upgrade options for high speed imaging and additional tests
  • Protocols and tests can be easily customized to fit your clinical needs
  • Upgradable for high speed imaging and additional tests
  • Integrated fixation light makes caloric fixation simple and accurate
  • Triple action foot pedal for optional hands-free operation

Add versatility and increase your menu of test options by pairing the I-PAS™ with the I-Portal® SNVG-3’s computer and software You’ll have a single, modular system that makes the most of a single VEST™ computer.

System Components
  • II-Portal® Falcon VOG, 100 Hz and higher, with USB-3 cameras, that works on smaller faces (interpupillary distance (IPD) range of 50 to 75mm covers 99% of the US population age 5 and older).
  • High speed computer with I-Portal® digital eye tracking software and VEST™ operating and analysis software
  • Blackout cover with calibration laser and fixation light

VEST™ Software

VEST™ operating and neurotologic analysis software offers a visual and easy to use interface.
I-Portal®, the VEST™ companion, captures and tracks precise high-speed digital images of the eye. All I-Portal® NOTC, I-PAS™ and I-Portal SVNG system tests are built into one software platform, eliminating the need to learn multiple software.

Features and Benefits
  • Daily clinical application with research level power to create protocols and custom tests;
  • Neurophysiologic speed with ease of use for efficient patient evaluation and precise analysis;
  • Real time binocular eye-tracking data and stimulus feedback;
  • Immediate analysis delivers efficient data assessment and interpretation. You know right away if the test data is good or not.
  • Clinicians use the Analysis Manager utility to save filter settings or to redefine the default settings.
  • Easy to follow data reports for patient files that can be formatted for electronic record storage;
  • Password protected examiner and administration privileges;
  • Summaries of the latest software release are below, or download our Release Notes here for a complete history.

I-Portal® Software

I-Portal® software captures, processes and analyzes the high speed digital images of the eye, calculating horizontal, vertical, torsional, and pupil data. I-Portal works with binocular goggles to track each eye separately. This allows for conjugacy measurements and identifies any differences in the performance of each eye. I-Portal also ensures the images are captured at the right time. The software accurately time stamps eye images and processes the geometric algorithms necessary for synchronization, which is performed by the companion VEST™ software application.

Features and Benefits

NKI’s unique geometric algorithms (Long, Tonguz et. al.) consistently track the pupil with an unmatched .1 to .02 degree of accuracy. When combined with  fixed interval frame rate capture, capturing images at 99.996 Hz (1SD of .24%), which only NKI reports, as well as patented technology that focuses on the eye region of interest, not only are gaps of clinical information missed but the highest quality digital information is delivered by I-Portal® software.


Software and Support Services

NKI’s Software and Support Service offerings come in many forms, and are designed to minimize downtime through preventive services and also maximize efficiency and performance through software upgrades. Plans can be purchased alá carte or under a comprehensive Software and Service Agreement plan.

System Reliability

NKI’s systems are generally built to last. NKI’s oldest operating I-Portal NOTC system was delivered to the Mayo Clinics in 2006 and is still operating daily! And, I-Portal systems are noted for their exceptional rarity of downtime.

While the I-PAS™, in particular, is new to the clinical community, the repair history for those in use by researchers around the globe shows that, when properly handled, I-PAS has robust durability. Like any portable device, care should be taken to avoid mishandling.

Software and Services Agreement (SSA) Plans

Neuro Kinetics SSA plans are designed to fit within varied budgets, help ensure optimal test equipment operating efficiencies, as well as provide access to the latest software.  New software releases are designed to add features to help clinic run more efficiently and process more patients.

SSA’s cover hardware components and software. The purchase of any SSA plan provides access to I-Portal® and/or VEST™ software upgrades made available during the contract year. Plans vary in their coverage of hardware repairs and replacement parts.

Two plan levels allow customers to choose with a budget and goals in mind.
SSA Plan Elements

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance and calibration visit, including system inspection and calibration with report documentation supplied for customer files
  • I-Portal and VEST software subscriptions, providing software upgrades as they become available to subscribers
  • Option for unlimited technical phone, email and remote access support
  • Priority service trip scheduling over ‘time & materials’ customers
  • Discounts on purchases of upgrades, new tests, and accessories
  • Option for full parts warranty including components, labor and trip charges for system repairs

Plan discounts are offered to organizations with in-house biomedical support and for multi-year contracts. Please contact our sales department ( if you would like further information and/or a quotation.

Software Licenses and Upgrades

Individual, one-time software version upgrades are available.

Customers may elect to insure the performance of the system themselves and only pay for repairs on a time & materials basis.

Please Contact us if you would like further information and/or a quotation.

Major Product Line Attributes

Numerous technology advances are incorporated into the many variations of I-Portal® products.

I-Portal® Falcon™ VOG

Accurate Measurement

  • 4-dimensional data collection (horizontal, vertical, torsional and pupilometry)
  • Lightweight (low inertia) with a light-tight, comfortable fitting and cleanable rubber gasket minimizes slippage artifacts
  • Sampling rate of 100Hz with fixed interval image capture ensures that all key, subtle bio-signals expressed through eye movements are detectable.
  • High-speed sampling rate upgrade to 250 Hz
  • Excellent, patented pupil tracking algorithms

 Patient Comfort

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic design

 Ease of Use

  • Digital adjustment of interpupilary distance and vertical eye position
  • Real-time video feed and data stream
  • Record and store data video images for visual playback
  • Easy to clean, latex-free rubber face gasket.

 Portability (when used with I-Portal SVNG systems)

  • Lightweight, self-contained system (SVNG-2)
  • Access to real-time data outside the lab/clinic
Multiple Products – One Software Suite

Because software is uniform across NKI product platforms, the user experience is consistent regardless of which tool is being used. Also, due to NKI’s commitment to science, the same built-in precision extends across all platforms, making the results of any common test, e.g. smooth pursuit horizontal, virtually interchangeable and sharable.

Software Solutions

All I-Portal® systems include two software programs that work in tandem: I-Portal® and VEST™. While I-Portal software program collects all eye-tracking data, VEST is the operating system that runs all the stimuli profiles, receives all I-Portal data, and synchronizes all stimuli data with all eye-tracking and other response data. VEST also generates all the derivative variables used by clinicians in their patient evaluations and diagnoses.

Technically Advanced

Technologies within NKI’s software and hardware solutions are based on and protected by numerous trade  secrets, as well as some on NKI’s 26 patents. All I-Portal systems are engineered to help keep you from missing potentially important information by providing:

  • 4D eye tracking: torsional, horizontal, vertical, and pupilometry measurements with real time binocular data
  • Fixed Image Capture of eyes. At 100hz, data is collected at 99.996 images per second, with a one standard deviation (1SD) of .24%
  • Precise eye movement tracking at between 0.1 to 0.02 degrees
  • An unmatched number of clinical variables, enriching the data set for superior diagnoses.
  • Easy to read graphical analyses
  • Ability to incorporate normative data.
  • Versatile, interactive software tools for data exploration and reports

Established CPT codes allow the appropriate healthcare providers to collect reimbursements for numerous tests. Neuro Kinetics has designed its products to ensure they qualify for reimbursement under popular measurement procedures. As a result, the potential value to a clinician is quite compelling. Please Contact us for more information on reimbursements and ROI.

Tools for Research
Research Control Module
The I-Portal® Research Control Module is a separate software library that allows the licensee to have discrete access to the various motion devices of the I-Portal® NOTC / VNG, while having access to the I-Portal and stimulus feedback data for separate analysis. Contact us to discuss other research tools and needs.