Products Matrix

The below table lists available tests for the following systems:

Note: The table shows all available tests per product. The tests included with your system will depend on the configuration that you purchase. Certain tests may be priced and/or sold separately. Additional tests may be available for research only use with a valid IRB such as cognitive and reaction time test protocols. Please contact us for more information.

NKI Product Matrix

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Oculomotor, Vestibular, and Reaction Time Tests (OVRT)I-Portal® NOTC*I-Portal® SVNG-2I-Portal® SVNG-3I-PAS™
Spontaneous NystagmusXXXX
Gaze Nystagmus (H&V)XXX
Saccade Random (H&V)XXX
Smooth Pursuit (H&V)XXX
Full field Optokinetic (OKN)XXX
Subjective Visual Vertical/Horizontal (SVV/SVH)XXX
Visual (Suppression, Interaction, and Enhancement)X
Chair Trapezoidal (Step Test)X
Sinusoidal Harmonic AccelerationX
Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation (DUC) with SVV X
Head Impulse Test (HIT)X
Controlled Rotation Head Impulse Test (crHIT) X
Pulse Step Sine (PSS)X
Custom Unilateral Centrifugation X
Positioning (Dix-Hallpike) & CustomXXX
Custom tests to collect unstructured dataXXXX

*Tests vary by NOTC model.