Neuro Kinetics, Inc., Awarded 25th Patent

Jul 18, 2019

NKI announced the award of its 25th U.S. patent, number 10,314,485, which protects pupillometry, stimulus synchronization, and specific, discrete measurements related to detecting neuro-functional deficits — including mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and concussion — when using NKI’s I-PAS™ (I-Portal® Portable Assessment System)*.  NKI’s FDA-cleared I-PAS™ is a compact, lightweight, head-mounted, 4-D eye-tracking system that measures neuro-functional performance with exceptional precision and sensitivity.

The patent covers the ability to objectively quantify several aspects of pupil response for each eye separately. It also lists techniques for identifying and measuring:  the saccadic (jumpy) movements of the eye(s) in a smooth pursuit test, as well as micro-saccades; corrective or secondary saccades; and reaction times.  Medical professionals currently using I-PAS™ include neurotologists, audiologists, chiropractic neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, physical therapists, and sports medicine specialists and others. Press Release.

* I-PAS™ can be used in almost any environment to measure binocular eye data in real-time. I-PAS™ provides stimulus feedback to run an extensive set of oculomotor, vestibular and reaction time (OVRT) tests, the majority of which are FDA-cleared for use by healthcare professionals responsible for measuring neuro-functional deficits.