Neuro Kinetics Releases Enhanced VEST™ & I-Portal® Software

Jun 18, 2019

NKI announced today that they have released VEST™ 8.2 and I-Portal® 6.2 software upgrades, both of which include numerous new features and improvements that create efficiencies and enhance the user experience on all NKI I-Portal® devices. The new software is already shipping on new systems, and is offered for upgrades to existing systems. Highlights of NKI’s newest releases include: an auto-run setting to eliminate downtime between sequential, blocked tests; adjustable settings for operator and patient voice prompts; more efficient video saving and storage; an entirely new electrooculography (EOG) interface; the inclusion of motion sensor feedback in custom test results; and many other improvements. I-Portal systems are used for highly precise eye tracking in clinical, research, and scientific applications. Studies increasingly show the value of OVRT-C (Oculomotor, Vestibular, Reaction Time, and Cognitive) testing using NKI’s I-Portal systems.  Read More